Advanced Excel Training for Accounting and Finance Professionals

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Unlock the full potential of Excel with our tailored seminar for accounting and finance professionals. This immersive training is designed to elevate your Excel skills, transforming you into a proficient, data-savvy professional.

The objective of the seminar is to strengthen participants’ foundational knowledge and skills in Microsoft Excel. This seminar aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Excel’s essential features and functionalities, empowering participants to efficiently manipulate data, perform complex calculations, and create impactful visualizations.

Expert Facilitator:

Get trained a highly experienced finance executive with over 25 years in investment consulting, data analytics, and executive leadership. He’s managed assets over €3 billion, worked on notable projects with IKEA and in the defence sector, and developed a bespoke REIT model for a major GCC investment bank. Our trainer is also an expert in data analytics and business intelligence, and he’s educated over 5,500 professionals in finance and analytics, making him an authority in financial and strategic training.


✓ Building a strong foundation in Excel.

✓ Practical application of Excel functions and features.

✓ Data manipulation and analysis.

✓ Effective data visualization.

✓ Decision-making through scenario analysis.

✓ Storytelling with data to convey insights.

✓ Hands-on, real-life case studies for practical learning.

Unique Post-Training Support:

1-on-1 Feedback Session:

Each participant can share their solutions post-training for personalized feedback. Our team will provide analytical insights, highlight strengths, and identify areas for improvement in line with best practice modeling.

Interactive Learning Experience:

Engagement and Support:

Active participation is encouraged. Participants can ask questions and seek assistance from our expert instructor during sessions.

Extended Resources:

Access to Course Files & Financial Model Templates: Participants will receive 6-month access to our online learning platform for course materials, session recordings, and spreadsheet templates.

Progress Assessment: Three quizzes are included to evaluate and enhance learning outcomes.

This comprehensive training, combined with post-training support and extensive resources, is designed to ensure a deep and lasting understanding of Excel’s capabilities in financial modeling.

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