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Differentiate yourself with the modeling community’s most highly sought after model building accreditation.

Financial modeling plays an integral part in business decision making, with modelers informing key transactions and critical business decisions.

The application of consistent spreadsheet and model design best practices is the single biggest impact you can have on reducing spreadsheet risk.

You want a foundation that will provide you with the confidence and skills to build and oversee models.

Get upskilled and build a mindset of best practice financial modeling.

Separate yourself from your competition and develop models that are simple and transparent.


Prepare for the Advanced Financial Modeler Certification (AFM) certification exam.

FMI offers a global financial modelling certification, comprised of three levels, structured similar to the CFA certification scheme.

This certification is the level 1 of the Financial Modeling Institute’s qualification scheme (official link). This certification exam is held twice a year and will be a proof of your financial modeling skills.

Financial Arena is an approved training provider by the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI).

During the online 4-hour Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) exam, candidates will be given a case study of a company and an accompanying Excel file that contains 3 years of historical financial statements.

Candidates will be required to build an interactive financial model of a company, including interrelated:

  • Statement of Profit or Loss (Income Statement)
  • Statement of Cash Flows (Cash Flow Statement)
  • Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
Αντίγραφο του AFM Seminar March 2021 (2)

Key Learning Points

LEARN how to integrate and model the three major financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement) based on real life study.

DEVELOP a financial statement forecast using information from annual report based on industry best practices

MODEL business operations (including revenue, costs, taxation, and inflation/indexation/escalation)

UNDERSTAND how to model business assets (including non-current assets, accounting depreciation and working capital – and impacts on tax) and how to model financing (including debt principal & interest calculations)

BUILD a detailed debt schedule and cash sweep mechanism.

DESIGN transparent models which minimize errors.


Financial Analyst
Grant Thornton
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This course gave us a lot of knowledge and also the opportunity to cooperate with our colleagues efficiently. Also the feedback from the instructor was full detailed with the necessary guidance to improve our weaknesses in modeling
Financial Analyst
Grant Thornton
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There was a very good atmosphere, every lecture was of a high standard. The organization with the e-class is excellent, your feedback to issues and problems as well. The most important is the difference I see in relation to how I started the first day and where I am at the moment on the knowledge, familiarity with Excel, the organization and the structure of a forecast model. It was by far the best seminar I have attended so far in terms of subject matter and specialization. I think it is a milestone along the way for each of us whether we have worked on similar models in the past or started from scratch.
Finance & Account Manager
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I'm now able to build financial statements model. There were lots of hands-on exercises and individual attention provided by the trainer
Investment Analyst
Alpha Bank
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A very Good and Practical Seminar. It helped a lot in order to synthesize things and learn the insights of financial modeling.
Business Analyst
Read More
A Hands-On and detailed teaching approach of all programs and aspects of Financial Analysis, that Financial Arena walked us through during the seminars I attended.
Key Account Manager
Sarantis Group, Athens
Read More
Dimitris’ command of financial modeling is unmatched. His teaching approach enabled a beginner user like myself to learn so many things and be able to perform my day-to-day analytical needs in a much more effective and robust way.

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