Accredited Provider

We have been accredited by FAST Standard Organization and the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) to provide financial modeling training and prepare you for the top financial modeling certifications.

Prepare for the #1 Global Financial Modeling Certification

We are proud to announce that Financial Arena is one of the first approved training providers by the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI). FMI recently launched a new global financial modelling certification, comprised of three levels.

An FMI Approved Training Provider:
• Must demonstrate the ability to provide high quality financial modeling training and/or training material;
• Must nominate an Experienced Employee with deep financial modeling skills; and
• Agrees to provide training and learning materials in the best interests of FMI Candidates.

The FMI certification exam is offered in more than 20 cities across the world and you must independently register for this exam directly with the Financial Modeling Institute.

Starting next month, Financial arena will be offering in main cities around Europe (London, Zurich, Athens, Cyprus and Frankfurt) a Level 1 FMI Advanced Financial Modeler Exam Preparation course .  This course is available as public workshop or in-house at your organization. You can join this course even if you do not plan to sit for the exam as you will raise your financial modeling skills to a superior level.


FAST Modeling Standard


As of January 2016, Financial Arena LP is one of the first training providers globally to become a FAST accredited provider, as we have gone through a formal accreditation process with the FAST Standard Organization (“FSO”).We are offering financial modeling training courses that have been subject to a formal accreditation process with the FSO and prepare our seminar participants for the FAST modeling certification.

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The FAST Level 1 Certification is evidence of an individual’s understanding of the FAST Standard (and therefore the arguments for standardized financial modeling) and the application of the Standard in building spreadsheet models that are flexible, appropriate, structured and transparent.

The FAST Level 1 Certification awarded by the FAST Standard Organization (FSO) provides evidence that an individual has proved competent on a specified date in understanding and applying the FAST Modeling Standard.

The FAST Modeling standard is an international recognized methodology in financial modelling that is used by major firms in their modelling assignments. The FAST Standard, which was founded over 15 years ago and is used by thousands of Excel modelers worldwide, was written to provide clear guidance for the complex world of spreadsheet based Financial Modeling.

This standard set of rules provides both a clear route to good financial model design for the individual modeller, and a common style platform on which modellers and reviewers can rely when passing models amongst themselves.

The Signatories to the FAST Standard believe financial models must be as simple as possible, but no simpler. Any model that is unnecessarily complicated is not good. Without simplicity supported by rigorous structure a financial model will be poorly suited to its sole purpose – supporting informed business decisions.

Some of the companies that support the Standard are:

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The Standard has been developed from the experience of industry practitioners who have learned simple techniques to replace overly-clever ‘good ideas’ that proved bad in practice over time. It documents a skilled craft that is functional within the realities of the business environment. As a minimum objective, models must be free of fundamental omissions and logical errors, and this outcome must be achieved under short lead times.