FAST Financial Modeling & Risk Analysis using Excel, 30-31 Jan 2018


2-day live seminar from 30th – 31st of January, 2018

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  • Learn Financial Modeling and Be amongst an elite of professionals that can prove their expertise and advance their career
  • Participants acquire core financial modelling knowledge and master key spreadsheet functions and tools then they will advance to more sophisticated modelling topics and learn to build models based on the FAST Modeling Standard and finally prepare for the FAST Level I certificate.
  • The ability to simply manipulate spreadsheets is important, but yet insufficient. Being able to incorporate all “what if” scenarios and stress test any proposal to its limits is a valuable and required skill to for today’s financial analyst or corporate financier.
  • Financial models developed with “what if” impeded scenarios improve the reliability and quality of financial decision-making.
  • Modeling techniques are used in a wide range of industries, such as investment appraisal, capital planning, budgeting, valuation, financial analysis and forecasting, risk analysis, portfolio optimization, energy pricing, pharmaceutical product development, consumer demand analysis etc.


A financial modeling seminar for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for professionals who need to build and modify financial models faster by learning and applying FAST Modeling Standard principles. The seminar highlights the core financial model design and construction techniques that every modeler should know. Far too many business spreadsheet models are flawed due to a lack of thought about objectives, layout and design. This seminar will allow participants to adopt a structured and comprehensive design strategy to develop rigorous financial models, in less time and with greater accuracy.


A highly practical two-day hands-on seminar that will allows participants too:


  • UNDERSTAND essential steps in designing simple, yet powerful financial models and cope with well-known model complexities by applying best practice modeling principles and techniques
  • APPLY core and advanced spreadsheet functions and techniques to construct effective models
  • MASTER the development of models for project appraisal and decision making
  • GAIN an in-depth understanding of how to build a business case and communicate the results of your model clearly and concisely
  • LEARN to create and compare alternative scenarios – base case, best case, worst case.


Who should attend

This hands-on seminar is designed for undergraduate and graduate students,  junior to senior business and finance professionals as well as general managers who need to use financial models to measure business performance, including:

  • Business & Financial Analysts
  • Investment & Corporate Bankers
  • CFOs & Finance Managers
  • Risk Managers and Portfolio Managers

•      Financial Controllers and Accountants

•      MBA’s and Business Undergraduates

•      Anyone seeking to improve their financial and valuation modeling skill set

  • Industry Consultants

•      Project Managers and Risk Analysts

·         Corporate Finance and Business Development Professionals

·        Finance & Accounting staff

·        Heads of Business Units & Business Planners


For those with no modeling experience, this seminar provides a solid introduction to real-world financial modeling. For experienced modelers, this seminar will help the quality and productivity of your modeling.



Attendees should bring their own laptop, ideally one they are accustomed to using, with a Microsoft Windows operating system, with Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013/16 installed and have a basic understanding of MS Excel (e.g. syntax of IF statement, purpose of $s for anchoring cell references).

The Mac version is dramatically different and it is not recommended to use during the seminar/seminar. If you own a Mac you can use Parallels or Bootcamp to install Windows and run the Excel for Windows.


What will you learn

  • Effective Model Design & Construction Best practices overview
  • Setup Excel settings/options like the professional modelers
  • Separating Inputs, Calculations and Outputs – Key modelling tips & steps
  • Which function or formula is most appropriate in alternative modelling situations?
  • Review of the most commonly-used Excel functions in financial modelling
  • Smart Techniques for quick and efficient modelling – Use of keyboard shortcuts
  • Sensitivity Analysis & Optimization techniques
  • Reporting and Managing Results/Outputs



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