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Why train with Financial Arena for your Data Analytics reports?

90% of the world’s data/information has been created over the past 2 years! The job market is looking for experts in data analysis (business & data analytics), and there is a large shortage of specialized staff globally.  Our proposal is to upskill your team and assist them in becoming more productive with their daily Excel tasks by learning how to use Power Query.

We have many years of experience in the world of Data Analytics and BI. We create next-generation reports and dashboards, complex data modeling and assist companies in making informed decisions by becoming data-driven.

Our team stands for high quality and results that drive innovation and empower decision-makers with business-critical insights.


What is Power Query at a glance?

With Power Query (known as “Get & Transform in Excel”), you can import or connect to external data, and then shape that data, for example, remove a column, change a data type, or merge tables, in ways that meet your needs. 

Then, you can load your query into Excel to create charts and reports.

Periodically, you can refresh the data to make it up to date. Power Query is available on three Excel applications, Excel for Windows, Excel for Mac and Excel for the Web.

*In two words: It simplifies the process of importing data from different source files and sourcing them into an Excel sheet in the most convenient and usable format.

How we can help your Company?

ü  Integrate any data sources (Excel, csv, xml, SQL, etc.)

ü  Efficiently transform your data with Power Query

ü  Create a best-practice data model

ü  Create interactive dashboards and KPIs in Excel

ü  Adopt the latest technologies and capitalize on the power of Machine Learning and AI to get faster insights.

Upgrade reports and take better decisions in less time


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