Accredited Training Provider

We have been accredited by the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) to provide best practice financial modeling training and prepare students and business professionals for the top financial modeling certification.

Approved Training Provider for Financial Modeling Institute’s Global Financial Modeling Certifications

Financial Arena is one of the first approved training providers by the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI). FMI recently launched a new global financial modelling certification, comprised of three levels. The FMI certification exam is offered in various cities across the world and you must independently register for this exam directly with the Financial Modeling Institute. We offer a a Level 1 FMI Advanced Financial Modeler Exam Preparation course in main cities around Europe . This course is available as public workshop or in-house at your organization.

An FMI Approved Training Provider:
• Must demonstrate the ability to provide high quality financial modeling training and/or training material;
• Must nominate an Experienced Employee with deep financial modeling skills; and
• Agrees to provide training and learning materials in the best interests of FMI Candidates.

Certified by FAST Standard Organization Ltd

he FAST Standard, which was founded over 17 years ago and is used by thousands of Excel modelers worldwide, was written to provide clear guidance for the complex world of spreadsheet based Financial Modeling. Our lead trainer has been certified on FAST and provides related training courses.

  • Flexible: models must be easily adaptable when new information becomes available
  • Appropriate: models must faithfully reflect key business assumptions and avoid unnecessary detail
  • Structured: maintaining model integrity over time relies on rigorous consistency
  • Transparent: to make models easily understandable, calculations must be simple and clear

This standard set of rules provides both a clear route to good financial model design for the individual modeler, and a common style platform on which modelers and reviewers can rely when passing models amongst themselves.

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