Welcome to the intersection of Human Resources and Finance at Financial Arena. Here, we provide much-needed insight and advanced training for professionals seeking to merge the critical fields of HR and finance in their organizational practices. This section focuses our high-grade, specialized seminars on ‘Master Financial Controller – Beyond Budgeting’ and ‘HR Budgeting & Dashboard Reporting using Excel & Power BI’.

Seminar 1: MASTER Financial Controller - Beyond Budgeting – Identify the Financial Pulse of your Organisation & Markets

Our 'Master Financial Controller - Beyond Budgeting' seminar provides an extensive exploration into the sphere of financial control, including internal controls, financial management, and strategic decision-making models. Participants will become savvy in economic value-added assessment, forecast tools, and advanced budgeting.

Seminar 2: HR Budgeting & Dashboard Reporting using Excel & Power BI - Next generation HR reporting using Data Analytics & Business Intelligence! Combine the Power of Data with your HR Expertise!

In the 'HR Budgeting & Dashboard Reporting using Excel & Power BI' seminar, we navigate the world of HR data to create dynamic budgeting reports and provide actionable business intelligence insights. Professionals learn how to perform strategic workforce planning using Excel, develop Power Query skills, and deliver impactful business intelligence solutions.
At Financial Arena, we recognise that modern businesses require a cohesive blend of both fields to drive success effectively. That’s why our HR, Finance section empowers professionals to achieve expertise in Financial and HR analytics, helping them leverage data to make informed strategic decisions and drive their organizations’ advancement. Discover the respective seminar details below to commence this transformative professional journey.