Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Seminars

"Turn Data into Action - Master the Art of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence with Financial Arena!"

At Financial Arena, we’ve curated a comprehensive suite of seminars, aimed at empowering business graduates and professionals to master the realm of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. Be it unearthing hidden patterns with Power Query, visualizing data stories with Power BI, or creating immense data reports using Power Pivot, we navigate you through it all.

Seminar 1: Unleashing Power Query in Excel - Data Transformation Simplified

The foundation for data analysis and decision-making starts with clean, organized data. This seminar invites enthusiasts and professionals to harness the power of Power Query within Excel. With us, learn to integrate diverse data sources, efficiently transform data, and avoid time-consuming, repetitive data manipulation. Whether you're from Consulting, HR, Accounting, Finance, or Auditing, this seminar offers a deep dive into the robust features of Excel for data analytics.

Seminar 2: Power BI - Dynamic Dashboards and Data Visualisation

This seminar ventures into the vigorous tool - Power BI, unlocking its potential for powerful, interactive dashboards and data visualization. Participants uncover the HOW of transforming raw data into visually compelling narratives. Recommended for consultants, data analysts, and anyone invested in the art of data-driven storytelling. Discover how to leverage the synergy of Excel's Power Query with Power BI for data integration, transformation, dashboard creation, and harnessing Machine Learning and AI for faster insights.

Seminar 3: Power Pivot in Excel - Mastering Big Data Reporting

Take a deep dive into Power Pivot within Excel, a potent tool that enables crafting comprehensive big data reports and business intelligence solutions. This seminar empowers you to create sophisticated data models with ease, providing a significant boost to your data analysis potential. We explore data model creation, incorporating Machine Learning and AI for accelerated insights, and building interactive dashboards and KPIs in Excel.

Seminar 4: Advanced Data Analysis & Storytelling - DAX, and More!

Advance your data analysis capabilities with our newly added seminar. It delves into the DAX language, which powers calculations in Power Pivot and Power BI. This seminar focuses on transforming complex raw data into actionable, understandable insights through effective data storytelling. It is designed to consolidate and enhance your data analysis skills, enabling you to navigate complex calculations, create comprehensive data models, and tell compelling data stories with clarity and conviction.

These seminars, collectively, will power your way to master Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, a skillset largely sought-after in today’s data-dependent business landscape. Our seminars are compatible with live online offerings, and our wide reach since March 2020 has empowered over 850 professionals globally. Join us in one of our intriguing training sessions now to become a data-driven professional in your field! Contact us to navigate more about our awe-inspiring training offerings.