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Hands-on Training Camps: A unique training and networking experience

Financial Arena is running 2-day training camps focusing in data analytics, business intelligence, financial modeling and risk analysis giving the opportunity to business professionals and students to advance their skills and expand your network.

Based on our experience from similar events we have participated as trainers in London, we decided to fine tune the existing business model and give even more weight on the educational, hands-on part of these training camps as well as the networking opportunities.

Partnering with Microsoft


Microsoft Hellas, Cyprus and Malta Finance team embraced our idea for such training camps and joined as Gold Sponsor to support our training camps idea. Microsoft executives joined as trainers and presenters in both events and the response from the industry was quite positive.

Below, you can check the list of some of the firms that joined our training camps and their excellent feedback when we asked what they thought about this training  and networking experience.


Clients frequently ask us about the target audience for such training events and their first thought is that they mostly target finance people. The answer is that the topic covered are of interest to more than just the finance pros! check the job title of some of our past participants:


As mentioned the main topic areas and respective workshops focus around Data Analytics | Business Intelligence and Financial Modeling and Risk Analysis.


The main features of such unique training and networking events are:

  • Parallel Practical Workshops  based primarily on real-life  case studies
  • Maximum 20-30 participants /  room. Each one carries his/her personal laptop and receives pre-seminar setup instructions
  • Workshops are constantly updated and organized in co-operation with Microsoft experts and industry professionals
  • Assessment to determine  participants’ level and option  to pre-register to specific slots
  • Keynote presentations  focusing on new Excel / MS  features and latest trends

We plan to offer similar training events in more countries and also adjust them and offer them as a training solution to Higher Education institutions. If you want us to organize such a training event on campus feel free to contact us