Advanced Excel Training for Accounting &
Finance Professionals

Seminar Details:

  • Duration: 12 hours (4x3hrs), split into modules.
  • Format: Available both in-person and online.
  • Special Focus: Customized for individuals in accounting and finance sectors with basic or intermediate Excel knowledge.

Unlock the full potential of Excel with our tailored seminar for accounting and finance professionals. This immersive training is designed to elevate your Excel skills, transforming you into a proficient, data-savvy professional.

The objective of the seminar is to strengthen participants’ foundational knowledge and skills in Microsoft Excel. This seminar aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Excel’s essential features and functionalities, empowering participants to efficiently manipulate data, perform complex calculations, and create impactful visualizations.

Module Breakdown:

Excel Basics: An overview of Excel’s interface, navigation, and essential
Text and Date Functions: Mastery of text and date functions for data
manipulation and formatting.
Data Extraction: Techniques for extracting and transforming data from various
Data Analysis: Introduction to Power Query and Pivot tables. Mastery of Pivot Tables for sophisticated data analysis.
Excel Charts and Graphs: Creating visually appealing charts and graphs to
convey insights effectively.
Scenario Building: Understanding and building scenarios for strategic decision making.
Sensitivity Data Tables: Utilizing data tables to perform sensitivity analysis.
Storytelling with Data: The art of data visualization and storytelling to
communicate findings persuasively.

Mr. Dimitris Leimonis attained in becoming one of the first financial modelling experts globally to be accredited on the 2 major financial modelling standards. 

He is an experienced finance professional with an in depth 25-year experience in financial markets and has hands-on experience in a number of industry sectors, including financial services, education and retail. In the business training area, he has provided training to more than 5,000 banking and business professionals focusing on financial modelling, data analytics, asset allocation, portfolio management and risk analysis.

He holds an MBA from Drexel University, specializing in Management Information Systems and Investment Management and a BSc in Banking and Financial Management from the University of Piraeus. He is also a certified Financial Modeller, Portfolio Manager and Investment Consultant.

This seminar is all-embracing! Whether you’re an aspiring

  • Business & Financial Analysts
  • Investment & Corporate Finance Professionals
  • CFOs
  • Finance & Risk Managers
  • Financial Controllers & Accountants
  • Finance & Accounting Officers
  • Heads of Business Units & Business Planners
  • Finance Directors
  • Treasury & Market Analysts
  • Financial & Strategic Planners
  • Project Commercial Management
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Budget Managers
  • Business & Financial Analysts
  • Credit Risk Managers
  • Treasury Managers
  • Project Finance Officers
  • Management Accountant Manager
  • Investment Analyst
  • Registry/Accountant
  • Finance Analysts
  • Senior Accountant
  • Accounts Manager
  • Finance Associate
  • Or even contemplating a career switch

We’ve got you covered! Aim for the AFM certification, master financial modeling, and set yourself as a leader in your field.

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Seminar Details

  • Seminar Details Data Analysis
  • Category: Data Analysis
  • Date: 23,28/2 & 1,6/3/2024
  • Location: Online
  • Attendance: Virtual or Face-to-Face Attendance
  • Time: 16:00-19:00 EST
  • Learning Hours: 12