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Are you interested in our financial modeling courses, but still have some questions? We have created this page with frequently asked questions related to this seminar in order to help you decide. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

Currently, we are providing preparatory courses for the Level 1 of the FMI Global Modeling Certification ie Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) exam. You can attend a public Financial Statements Modeling & Risk Analysis seminar or arrange for an in-house training on the topic.

If you are seeking to build more flexible and transparent spreadsheet models this is an option to learn and certify your modeling skills.

No modeling experienced is required, just basic Excel knowledge, a laptop and passion to learn. For those with no modeling experience, this seminar provides a solid introduction to real-world financial modeling preparing participants to sit for FMI Level 1 certificate exam but most importantly to build flexible and transparent business models based on financial modeling best practices. For those with modeling experience this seminar will help the quality and productivity of your modeling and through the FMI Certification improve their personal “branding” and career prospects.

Participants should bring their own laptop, ideally one they are accustomed to using, with a Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016 installed and have a basic understanding of MS Excel (e.g. syntax of IF statement, purpose of $ for anchoring cell references).

The Mac version of Excel is dramatically different and it is not advised to use it during the seminar. If you have a Mac laptop you can join this seminar provided you have Windows and the Windows version of MS Excel installed (using Parallels or Bootcamp)

Of course, once you are done with the seminar, it will be important to practice – especially if you plan to take the AFM Certificate exam. We will provide you with some additional case studies to work and once you send us your solution, the instructor will send you detailed feedback and if needed schedule a follow-up 1-hour webinar (free of charge).

We believe that attending this seminar will give you an edge and if you follow our instructions and practice and take the AFM Certification exam you will be one of the first in the market with a Financial Modeling certification. You can use these skills not only in Finance but almost in any company that is performing business analysis and valuation and uses advanced Excel. Literally, people with good financial modeling skills are highly sought in the industry.

We have trained more than 2,000 business and finance professional in Finance, Investments and Financial Modeling. You can read some of the testimonials of our courses and seminars at our financial modeling site here: http://www.myfinancialmodeling.com/about/testimonials/

More Questions

    All our seminars are either offered 100% in-person or in a blended delivery mode (60% face-to-face & 40% online) depending on the group size.

    In the case of face-to-face / live seminars, we rigorously uphold our policy of purposely limiting the number of individuals that can attend each financial modeling seminar up to 10 persons so that participants receive the optimal amount of personal training from our instructors and to ensure the quality of training.

    Email us to learn for our special combination offers. There is an extra discount in case more than one delegate / participant from the same firm joins.

    For more information / feedback please contact us at customercare@financialarena.co.uk

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