HR Budgeting & Dashboard Reporting using Excel & Power BI

Next generation HR reporting using Data Analytics & Business Intelligence! Combine the Power of Data with your HR Expertise!


Immerse yourself in a pioneering course offered by Financial Arena that couples best industry practices with cutting-edge data analytics and intelligence tools. This unique course is designed to aid HR professionals in interpreting and effectively leveraging the "Big Data" growing rapidly in today's digital world. The course emphasizes the importance of data in improving your business and employee management outcomes by developing dynamic, interactive budgeting reports and catered HR business intelligence insights. This digital transformation course offers forward-thinking, data-centred solutions for successful organizational transition into the future.


Participants will cultivate the skills needed to create a flexible and dynamic HR budget model incorporating:
  • Multiple Input Scenarios.
  • Tailored benefits according to overall staff cost.
  • Salary growth alternatives and adjustments.
  • Flexible promotion strategies.
  • Bonus calculations based on your bonus policy.
  • Provisions for a Work-from-Home (WFH) scenario.
Additionally, you will:
  • Learn to perform strategic workforce planning using Excel, utilizing the data to evaluate workforce quantity and quality based on the HR3P model/9-Box Grid.
  • Gain insights on creating and using dynamic comparison output sheets.
  • Master the necessary Excel skills to create a flexible budget model.
  • Upgrade your data analysis by capitalizing on Power Query.
  • Learn to deliver critical business intelligence solutions and generate insightful dashboard reports.


  • Become adept in designing simple yet powerful forecast/budget models following the best practice principles and techniques.
  • Investigate core and advanced spreadsheet functions to build effective models.
  • Ability to create and compare alternative scenarios: base case, best case, worst case.
  • Learn to use Power Query & Power BI to integrate your HR data for powerful insights.
  • Understand how to automate data import from various sources and create relationships in your data model.
  • Build interactive HR reports and make timely, insightful business decisions.
  • Analyse crucial measures incorporating the power of Data Model into daily data analysis.
  • Implement primary principles and techniques in quantitative risk analysis.
  • Develop eye-catching visualizations to effectively communicate analysis results to stakeholders.


This course is best suited for HR professionals interested in growing and excelling in their roles by enhancing their operational reporting skills with Advanced Analytics. Join us to unlock the potential of your organisation's data and take your HR Data Analytic skills to the next level with Financial Arena.