Elevate Your Analytics: Transform Business Reporting with Power BI & Power Query (ENG)

Seminar Details:

  • Duration: 16 hours 
  • Format:  online

Take a deep dive into Power BI, a robust tool designed for dynamic dashboards and compelling data visualization. Learn how to transform raw data into visually engaging narrative dashboards that can drive strategic business decisions. Pick up the power of Power BI coupled with Excel’s Power Query to unmask the full potential of data analytics

Key learning points
  • Introduction to Power Query and its integration within Excel
  • Efficient data integration from various sources (Excel, csv, xml, SQL, etc.)
  • Understanding the process and ease of data transformation with Power Query
  • Learn to minimize repetitive data manipulation and make data analysis more efficient
  • Understand the principles of powerful, dynamic dashboards creation
  • Create compelling data visualizations
  • Leverage Power BI’s synergy with Excel’s Power Query
  • Understand Machine Learning and AI for faster and smarter insights
  • Introduction to Power Pivot and its capabilities.
  • Grasp the process of creating robust data models.
  • Learn to develop detailed big data reports.
  • Understand the role of interactive dashboards and KPIs within Excel.
  • Master advanced data visualization techniques.
  • Learn how to create interactive dashboards.
  • Enhance strategic decision-making with visually appealing data insights.
  • Capitalize on Machine Learning and AI to accelerate data insights.
  • Speed up your data analysis process.
  • Learn to collect and refine data from different sources effectively.
  • Master the process of data transformation and automating data-related tasks.
  • Spend less time on data manipulation and more time on decision-making.
  • Acquire the ability to handle and report big data efficiently.
  • Improve data analysis through the creation of robust data models.
  • Capitalize on Excel’s advanced features for significant data analytics.
  • Streamline decision-making with data-driven insights

Mr. Dimitris Leimonis attained in becoming one of the first financial modelling experts globally to be accredited on the 2 major financial modelling standards. 

He is an experienced finance professional with an in depth 25-year experience in financial markets and has hands-on experience in a number of industry sectors, including financial services, education and retail. In the business training area, he has provided training to more than 5,000 banking and business professionals focusing on financial modelling, data analytics, asset allocation, portfolio management and risk analysis.

He holds an MBA from Drexel University, specializing in Management Information Systems and Investment Management and a BSc in Banking and Financial Management from the University of Piraeus. He is also a certified Financial Modeller, Portfolio Manager and Investment Consultant.

This seminar is all-embracing! Whether you’re an aspiring

  • Business & Financial Analysts
  • Investment & Corporate Finance Professionals
  • CFOs
  • Finance & Risk Managers
  • Financial Controllers & Accountants
  • Finance & Accounting Officers
  • Heads of Business Units & Business Planners
  • Treasury & Market Analysts
  • Financial & Strategic Planners
  • Project Commercial Management
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Budget Managers
  • Business & Financial Analysts
  • Credit Risk Managers
  • Treasury Managers
  • Project Finance Officers
  • Management Accountant Manager
  • Investment Analyst
  • Registry/Accountant
  • Finance Analysts
  • Senior Accountant
  • Accounts Manager
  • Finance Associate
  • Business Analyst
  • BI Consultants
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Visualization Experts
  • Marketing Specialists

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Seminar Details

  • Seminar Details Data Analysis
  • Category: Data Analysis
  • Date: April 2024
  • Location: Online
  • Time: 16:00-19:00 EST & 16:00-18:00 EST
  • Learning Hours: 16